Knowles Precision Devices acquires DITF

Knowles Precision Devices is pleased to announce our acquisition of DITF Interconnect Technology.

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Requirements for Quote Request and Order Placement Data

  • CAD Requirements
    • AutoCAD Version 2000 .DWG or .DXF
    • Zero (0) width, closed polylines
    • CAD Layers - See Figure 1 below
    • Units in inches
  • Purchasing
    • P/N, Quantity, Unit Price
    • Delivery Date (Ship Date + Transit Time)
    • Bill To  & Ship To Address

If possible, always provide Auto CAD data files when requesting a quotation for your product.  It is easier to establish any possible design issues when viewing an Auto CAD file than either a PDF or any other non-measurable type of data.  This will help us to better address any possible concerns with the design during the quote process rather than after order placement and production cycle start. 

CAD Requirements:

DITF prefers AutoCAD version 2000 .DWG or .DXF data files to produce photo tooling.  Please contact the factory if you have another type of file that you want to send.  CAD data needs to be zero (0) width, closed poly lines and should be layered to ensure that artifacts are built correctly, see figure 1 for layering descriptions. 

Masking Layer Designations
Circuit Side
Poly Layer #2
Metal #2 On Poly
Metal #1 On Poly
Poly Layer #1
Thick Conductor
Conductor layer

Ground Plane Side
Bottom Conductor Layer
Bottom Resistor Layer
Bottom Thick Conductor
Bottom Poly Layer #1
Bottom Metal #1 On Poly
Bottom Metal #2 On Poly
Bottom Poly Layer #2
Figure 1

Please make sure and clearly label each layer in the Auto CAD data file.  It is also helpful to color each trace differently to easily distinguish between features. 

Please state the units used to produce the data file, I.E. inches, mm, mils, microns, etc.  Photo tools are produced in inches for processing through the factory, if possible please provide your data files in inches. 

Purchase Orders:

PO's should clearly state the Ship To and Bill To addresses along with the PO number.  This PO number will appear on your order confirmation, packing slip and invoice.  Also, the part number, revision, quantity, unit price and extended price of each part being purchased should be clearly stated.  Tooling should be stated and priced on a separate line item.  The tooling is a non-deliverable item that will be inventoried at DITF for future use.  The delivery date for each line item should be the date that you are expecting the parts to be delivered.  Please note that all quotes issued by DITF will state the shipping date from the factory in Minden, NV.  Your PO should add the appropriate amount of transit days based upon your preferred shipping method.  For transit time on UPS Ground shipments follow this link: Email transmissions of purchase order are encouraged.  Please send PO's, terms & conditions, data files, and any other appropriate information to  This will ensure timely submission of your order.  You will receive a confirmation of your order within 24 hours of order submission.  If you do not receive a confirmation from the DITF sales department within 24 hours please call the DITF factory at (775) 782-1041 and ask for sales.