Knowles Precision Devices acquires DITF

Knowles Precision Devices is pleased to announce our acquisition of DITF Interconnect Technology.

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Certified since March 2010
and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2018

ISO Cert




  • DITF Has extensive experience in the following substrate materials:
    • Alumina - As-Fired and Polished, 99.5% or greater
    • Aluminum Nitride
    • Quartz / Fuzed Silica
    • Sapphire
    • Ferrite / Garnet
    • Titanates (Hi-K materials)
    • Glass
  • Resistor films - DITF offers TaN and NiCr films in a wide range of sheet resistivities. DITF has a long heritage of supplying both sputtered films and can use various processes to stabilize these films to tolerances required by your design. Bake to value, laser trim, plunge cut, scan cut, microwave scan cut and ladder networks are all part of the DITF toolkit.
  • Solder masks - DITF offers various solder masking options to suit the subsequent processing of the substrate. Options include TiW, Polyimide and other dielectric films as well as NiOx process to meet the necessary robustness required.
  • AuSn - DITF offers predeposited AuSn patterned to meet the device requirements. A unique feature of our proprietary deposition process provides a device "location enhancement" ensuring your device will not rotate or tombstone during the reflow process. Further, our AuSn is a true eutectic, without any additional processing required. It reflows at the prescribed temperature consistently and provides a cost effective replacement for preforms, especially for high volume manufacturing.