Knowles Precision Devices acquires DITF

Knowles Precision Devices is pleased to announce our acquisition of DITF Interconnect Technology.

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Certified since March 2010
and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2018

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DITF - Interconnect Technology

DITF continues to expand our capability to service the growing demand for our products and services. Thanks to our growing customer base, our business continues to grow each year and we continue to expand our capital equipment and capability. We have expanded our facility to incorporate full in-house capability for all processes used in manufacturing thin film circuits and interconnect devices. All our capital equipment has redundancies to ensure maximum operating time and scheduled maintenance intervals to ensure on-time delivery.

DITF has been a trusted supplier of thin film interconnects for over 38 years. Our customers use DITF manufactured interconnects in wireless and fiber optic telecommunication, CATV, commercial, medical, and military systems and other critical applications from DC to in excess of 180 GHz.

The evolving technical requirements for cost effective interconnect solutions has driven DITF to develop a diverse capability utilizing proven and repeatable processes. Our process toolkit enables a wide array of circuit design features and structures. With these tools the designer can maximize performance and minimize overall cost. Our design team invites new challenges to meet the needs of your business model.

Our business philosophy is simple and straightforward: “Work closely with our customers, produce high-quality technology, and keep costs down - every time.”

Malcolm D. Hill